Professional Sensual Massage


So all your friends say you give great sensual massages, and you’re thinking of trying your hand at professional sensual massage. How do you start? This course is for you. This course covers the business fundamentals of running a successful sensual massage business, a practical collection of tried-and-true strategies that will get you up and going without all the pitfalls. The course will cover such topics as incalls vs outcalls, service levels, safety protocols, as well as how to best communicate with your clients. I will
also briefly cover the legalities of sex work in Canada and they affect you as a practitioner.

Please note that this course does not teach massage techniques (we assume you already know those), but rather how to run a massage business and successfully manage clients. For an exploration of massage and bodywork techniques, please consider our “Tantra: Entry Level for Self, Partners, and All” course.

USA We love our American students! We are presently working on a payment solution for our American brothers and sisters, but in the meantime please call us as +1 250-508-1592 and we can complete payment over the phone as well as answer any questions you may have!

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