Tantra: Entry Level for Self, Partners, and All


This is an introductory course on self discovery of sensual and sexual pleasure. Tantra is the slow, mindful and sensual practice of beautifully and intimately connecting with yourself and your partner. It takes a sex-positive view, honouring and celebrating the body. Tantric techniques used as part of sensual massage include raising sexual energy, Eye Gazing, and Asking for/ receiving Consent.

At the completion of this course, you will be able to understand the evolution of Tantra, perform fundamental techniques, and uncover your place on your journey of self discovery and communicate your needs to others. You will also discover what you need to work on that will benefit your lover/partner and self.

USA We love our American students! We are presently working on a payment solution for our American brothers and sisters, but in the meantime please call us as +1 250-508-1592 and we can complete payment over the phone as well as answer any questions you may have!

Download the Course Syllabus.

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