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The sensual world is a wonderfully varied place! It is our aim at the West Coast Tantra Institute is to treasure and celebrate the many different and diverse folks who thrive in this environment and are happy to share their skills with you. Our courses focus on what works so you start enjoying your new skills as fast and as safely as possible. We also offer advanced topics for experienced practitioners and want to explore these topics in greater depth.

Our courses are loosely organized into two categories: Personal and Professional. The Personal courses focus on skills you can use with your partner, while our Professional courses focuses more on the sex industry and business skills. But there is crossover! While our Phone Sex Operator course may be aimed at professional practitioners, you may find some hot tips for a little sex talk with your partner! Same with our Tantra course or our BDSM: Intro to Power Exchange, which appeal to both the personal seeker and the professional seeking to add another skill to her toy bag.

West Coast Tantra Institute is committed to diversity! Our commitment is displayed in our wide range of practitioners and the clients they serve. Straight and queer, male and female, trans and non-binary, we welcome you all to our Institute!

While some courses may use different types of language and examples, please be assured that this is not in any way meant to be exclusionary. While one instructor may draw on her examples from her male clients, this is her experience and it is our hope that you are able to take this information and apply it to your own practice. Our courses are written for everyone, so please feel free to substitute your preferred language when necessary.

Ok, so you're interested! What now? Easy, just click on the course you wish to take and we can start the registration process. Currently we accept e-transfers, all major credit cards by phone as well as cryptocurrency. We are very close to being able to offer CC processing on the site directly.

Of course we would be happy to notify you when new courses come online! Please email us and we will be happy to keep you in the loop. Plus, subscribers get a 5% discount on all courses!

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      Introductory Course: Am I Ready?
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      • Tantric Edging
        Tantric Edging
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      • Companion
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      • West Coast Tantra Institute
        Web Cam Operator
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