Available courses

So all your friends say you give great sensual massages, and you're thinking of trying your hand at professional sensual massage. How do you start? This course is for you. This course covers the business fundamentals of running a successful sensual massage business, a practical collection of tried-and-true strategies that will get you up and going without all the pitfalls. The course will cover such topics as incalls vs outcalls, service levels, safety protocols, as well as how to best communicate with your clients. I will also briefly cover the legalities of sex work in Canada and they affect you as a practitioner.

This is an introductory course on self discovery of sensual and sexual pleasure. Tantra is the slow, mindful and sensual practice of beautifully and intimately connecting with yourself and your partner. It takes a sex-positive view, honouring and celebrating the body. Tantric techniques used as part of sensual massage include raising sexual energy, Eye Gazing, and Asking for/ receiving Consent. At the completion of this course, you will be able to understand the evolution of Tantra, perform fundamental techniques, and uncover your place on your journey of self discovery and communicate your needs to others. You will also discover what you need to work on that will benefit your lover/partner and self.

All you need to be a professional Dominatrix is a leather wardrobe, a whip and a sneer - right? Wrong! Working as a professional Dom/Domme is a very complex but highly rewarding profession. Combining psychology with keen insights into human nature, this interactive course will delve into the dark waters of Power Exchange, exploring the meaning of submission and dominance, how to maintain dominance throughout a scene as well as different styles of play.

This course will cover the wild and wonderful world of online marketing for sex workers. The course will discuss marketing opportunities such as social media, directories (ie. Leolist) as well as websites.  It will offer an overview of going alone versus hiring a professional, from the quick and free, to hiring professional developers, designers and photographers. The course will also explore how to create a marketing plan and stick to it!

Learn to drive them wild with just the sound of your voice! This course will cover the "ins-and-outs" of professional phone sex. We will cover how to setup your practice, revenue as well as pro tips available only through this course!

An alphabetical list of terms and acronyms relating to all facets of sex work. This list should be available from all Institute courses.