Interview: Alex

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Alex is a mature experienced Tantrist with several years of experience practising in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. Alex has taught Couples Tantra workshops providing tips and techniques for enhancing sexual intimacy and deeper love. Alex provides Tantric Massage Sessions for Women and Couples who wish to explore their sensuality and sexuality. In addition, Alex is a Dominant who … Read More

What Do You Want… Really?

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Why is it so important to us that others approve of our most intimate thoughts? Shouldn’t our approvals come from within, or shared with those closest to us? Shouldn’t we feel empowered by our progressive actions and feelings when asking for what we most want? I say, “Hell ya”!! Asking for what we want in our personal lives is a … Read More

Mmmmm…. Sensation Play

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Sensation… what? Sensation Play is essentially playing with sensation and perception, and having a lot of fun in the process! For this post I am going to talk about scarves and Ostrich Feather Body Tickler, and how you can combine them together for lots of naughty fun. Ok, first the ostrich feathers. They feel light and teasing on the skin, … Read More