Damien, Tantric Bodyworker

DamienDamien is a formally-trained somatic bodyworker with smooth strong hands and a gentle touch.

In addition to his sensual massage training he also have a background in yoga, meditation and Tantra, which infuses his touch with a sense of sacredness and reverence. His professional experience in e-learning makes him the senior developer at the West Coast Institute, and we are very happy to enjoy his many talents!

Damien's training in mindfulness meditation and Yoga has granted him the ability to slow down, harmonizing his touch and his breathing with that of the woman on his table. He elevates her slowly, raising her erotic energy at her own pace so she'll always feel relaxed and secure as she ascend to a height of erotic pleasure.

In addition to working with clients one-on-one, Damien also offer a Couples Massage with his beautiful wife Selene. They work beautifully together, and their Couples Massage are a tender and erotic celebration of their love. Damien & Selene also offer workshops and classes, giving Damien the opportunity to bring his background in education and public speaking into play.

Damien loves teaching and helping people expand their sensual horizons, whether the topics be intimacy, communication or Shibari!

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