Jaz, Sex Worker and Sex Work Activist

JazJaz is a youthful creature with more than enough passion and sensuality for one. They are a proud members of the queer, poly, and nonbinary communities of Canada. Beginning with escorting and sugarbabying they began their foray into sex work as a young adult. Their desire for clear boundaries and leather pulled them into BDSM where they met a community of individuals working desperately to satisfy themselves and others. Using their imaginations and practically every torture device imaginable to activate deeper parts of the human psyche. The BDSM community is a safe place for weirdos like Jaz.

Throughout their years of experience they have yearned to create a space that they would have liked to have found themselves in, years before. Jaz has begun their sexual healing. Like many others at this moment in history, they are finding liberation through the blossoming of sex positive communities throughout Canada. Together we are living through the collective healing that has slowly begun, through movements such as #MeToo and the birth of consent culture.

Their wish for safer sex work for all comes from their owned lived experiences of the potential dangers of this world. Through activism and community building, Jaz looks to a future that no longer demonizes the sex industry, but finds strength and beauty in it.

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